Winners of the 2016 Hartford Business Journal Family Business Awards

Arbors of Hop Brook, Manchester Manor Health Care Center and Vernon Manor Health Care Center under the Umbrella name of Arbors of Hop Brook, won 1st Place in the Large Employer Category (200+ Employees) in the Hartford Family Business Journal Awards.  These awards recognize outstanding acheivements amoungst family-owned businesses; it honor companies that had particularly strong successes by completing expansions, growing revenues, adding employees or fulfilling major projects while still staying rooted in thier traditions.  The winners are determined by a panel of judges from Klingberg Fam

Three questions you should ask when seeking quality short-term care

For seniors recovering after surgery, the decision of where to stay during the healing process is a critical one. It’s important for patients to have confidence that the facility where they will spend time has qualified medical experts and a standard of living that encourages wellness in a supportive environment.

Recovering wisely from illness and injury

Take it from the old carpenter’s saying: “Measure twice, cut once.” It applies equally to sawing wood as it does to strengthening muscle tone after a knee replacement. Basically, assess a situation carefully before diving in, and you can save potential pain and heartache later. Here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when selecting a rehabilitation facility.

Age Ain't Nothing But a Number

If you think aging is all about failing bodies and lifelong regrets, think again! Here are a few reasons the golden years may be the best of your life.

One word: retirement

Ah, retirement. Was ever a word so blissful? No more kids to raise, no more daily grind to endure. Just hours upon hours of pursing hobbies, relaxing, and being with loved ones.

Tips for regulating your body temperature during the season change

Spring is on the horizon, but it sometimes takes the weather a while to catch up with the reality on your calendar. Because of that, climate control is particularly important at this time of year for people of all ages, especially seniors.

Why guests find our rehabilitation approach refreshing

Three Advantages of Post-Hospital Rehabilitation


Successful recovery from surgery is a major accomplishment. Not only is time in the hospital disruptive in the sense that it removes you from home and changes your ordinary routine dramatically, it also means your body is forced to adapt quickly to a new environment.

State of the Art Post-Hospital Rehab Wing

Our Post-Hospital Rehab wing offers the newest technology and very best care to help you Recover Right. Check out some of the photos of our newly renovated facility and call us to schedule a tour!

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