The Care you Deserve – The Results You Desire

It’s crucial to do your homework when you’re choosing a provider for post-hospital rehabilitation. By researching your options, you can determine the community that is most qualified to help you achieve your recovery goals. Be sure to choose a provider that delivers highest-quality rehabilitation care and therapy with experience and documented results.

At Manchester Manor, our high quality care is efficient, effective, timely and patient-centered, resulting in successful outcomes, including:

  • HIGHER rates of patient satisfaction than the national average
  • SHORTER lengths of stay than the national and state averages so you get home faster
  • HIGHER percent of discharges back home vs. long-term stays than national and state averages
  • LOWER use of anti-psychotic medications than national and state averages

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Chart

Length of Stay

Length of Stay Graph

Percentage of Discharges

Discharge Chart

Use of Anti-Psychotic Medications

Anti-Psychotic Medication Graph

Manchester Manor has the personalized, high quality rehabilitation care you deserve and the outcome you want – a safe return home.