If you think aging is all about failing bodies and lifelong regrets, think again! Here are a few reasons the golden years may be the best of your life.

One word: retirement

Ah, retirement. Was ever a word so blissful? No more kids to raise, no more daily grind to endure. Just hours upon hours of pursing hobbies, relaxing, and being with loved ones.


Many seniors look forward to downsizing; i.e., selling a house that may be time-consuming and costly to maintain. In comparison, that one-to-two-bedroom condo or retirement community suite practically takes care of itself!

Deeper connections

As the survivor of many decades, you’ve likely used some of them to build the relationships of a lifetime. Friendships, grown children, grandchildren … you have a network tethered to your heart with ropes of steel.

A well-stocked worry toolkit

It’s thought that older people tend to be calmer because of their coping abilities. Over the years, you’ve likely learned not to sweat the small stuff. Maybe you’ve weathered huge financial crises, health issues or the loss of loved ones. But now you know you can get through it again – because you got through it before.