Good nutrition is an integral part of recovery and quality of life. Our Dietitians play a vital role in the heath and wellbeing of our residents. The Dietitians perform nutritional assessments, from which they develop and implement nutritional care plans. They work closely with the clinical team to adjust care plans as needed to achieve positive outcomes. Both dietitians have many years of healthcare experience and have served as clinical dietetic instructors at the University of Connecticut. With their experience in education, they have the most current nutrition knowledge to share with staff and residents.

The dietitians also work in conjunction with the Food service Director and dietary staff to provide nourishing meals, snacks, and supplements. The Food Service Director ensures that patient nutritional needs are met by providing a well-balanced menu. The Dietary staff are adept at handling all types of diets including therapeutic restrictions and modified consistencies. Both a weekly and an alternate menu are provided allowing the residents a variety of menu options. Our Dietary Department proudly serves dishes and baked goods made from scratch. Our staff is driven to achieve the highest patient satisfaction. The effort and attention to detail that our staff puts into each meal is appreciated and enjoyed by our residents.