Subacute Rehabilitation

Recover Right Puts Your Recovery in the Fast Lane

Where you choose to rebuild from a hospital stay due to illness, surgery or injury can make all the difference in your recovery. Patients need a proven rehabilitation program with the best possible care to get them home quickly and safely. Manchester Manor offers patients a state-of-the-art rehabilitation program, which combines best practices, advanced technology and comfort.

Recover Right treats patients with a variety of conditions and needs including, but not limited to:

• Orthopedic & Joint Care
• Stroke Rehabilitation
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Respiratory Therapy
• Post-Surgical Recovery
• Pulmonary Therapy
• Wound Care

Exceptional Outcomes

With a proven track record of returning patients home safely and quickly, Manchester Manor’s exceptional outcomes demonstrate:

• HIGHER rates of patient satisfaction than the national average
• HIGHER percent of discharges back home into the community than national and state averages
• SHORTER lengths of stay than the national averages so you get home faster

Recover Right with Excellence in Personalized Services and Surroundings

When you spoke, we listened and responded. Manchester Manor has been designed to meet – and exceed – your needs and expectations.

State-of-the-Art Post-Hospital Rehabilitation Facility and Amenities

• Private and very large semi-private rooms
• Revolutionary airborne pathogen filtration and air freshness system, eliminates 99.9% of airborne pathogens, viruses and bacteria

Convenient and Delicious Patient-Choice Dining Experiences

• Point of Service dining experience with daily menu options
• Hospitality area with hot or cold food choices and beverages

Customized Care Plans and Services for the Best Possible Outcomes

• Inpatient occupational, speech and physical therapy to prepare for a safe return home
• Outpatient rehab also offered to ensure patients can work with their preferred therapist after they return home, if needed


Rehabilitation Designed to Get You Home Safe – and Fast

Recover Right is Manchester Manor’s post-hospital and medically complex care program offering innovations in technology, accommodations and care. This program is designed for patients who are ready to leave the hospital but still require skilled care to heal and improve, maintain or restore physical strength, mobility, cognition and/or speech with the best possible results in order to ensure a safe return home. This recovery-driven program delivers the highest quality care with compassion and experience in the treatment of conditions including:

• Orthopedic & Joint Care
• Respiratory Therapy
• Stroke Rehabilitation
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Post-Surgical Recovery
• Pulmonary Therapy
• Wound Care

Comprehensive, Personalized Care Plans

Recover Right’s goal is to ensure that each patient enjoys a safe and smooth transition home. To achieve this, the Recover Right multidisciplinary care team develops a comprehensive personalized, recovery plan for each patient. These plans are designed to address and resolve a patient’s needs and are delivered on a one-on-one basis, focusing on measurable outcomes.

Personalized Recover Right services include, but are not limited to:
• 24-hour Skilled Nursing
• Physical, Occupational, Speech and Recreation Therapy

A Professional Team Supporting Your Recovery

Our 24-hour care is delivered by an experienced and caring team that includes:
• Medical Director, Attending Physicians, Advanced Nurse Practioners
• Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants
• Dietary and Nutrition Specialists
• Physical, Occupational, Speech and Recreation Therapists
• Discharge Planners and Social Workers


Recover in Comfort

Recover Right was designed to meet both the clinical and the personal needs of our patients. At Manchester Manor, we understand that there’s more to post-hospital care than just therapy.

Patients need recuperative rest and rejuvenating sleep. They need delicious, healthy meals for proper nutrition. They need time and space to themselves.

Our newly-constructed rooms welcome patients to rebuild, recover and renew in complete comfort.

15 Private Rooms & 8 New Large Semi-Private Rooms

• Our uniquely designed furniture provides the finest in form and function – offering ample space and maneuverability, as well as easy-to-reach and wheelchair accessibility for patient convenience.*
• Our new Encore 5, state-of-the-art, five-positional bed provides the ultimate in comfort, flexibility and safety. This bed is designed for pressure prevention and meets the positioning needs of patients with specialized health concerns.
• Individual control A/C and heating thermostats*
• Wall-mounted, high flow suction and oxygen*
• Adjustable private TVs*

*In New Rooms

Large & Contemporary Bathrooms

Each of the new rooms features a private, modern bathroom including:
• Wooden, easy-to-open/close doors for privacy and comfort
• Spacious area that allows for ease of movement
• Lighted grab bars for safety at night

Dining at Manchester Manor

At Manchester Manor, we know that healthy, delicious, clinically adapted meals are essential to a patient’s recovery. Our staff work closely with doctors to plan menus that accommodate a patient’s requirements and preferences.

We offer Point of Service dining with varying menu options available daily to our customers.


Let Us Help You Recover Right

Our specialized rehab gym and highly qualified therapists elevate the quality of rehabilitation therapy and help improve outcomes. Our comprehensive rehab program is specifically designed to support physical therapy and occupational therapy progressive resistive regimens and speech, language and cognitive therapies.

Features include:
• Highly trained, educated and experienced therapists seven days a week
• One-to-one specialized therapy to meet your needs and goals
• Therapists specialize and focus on orthopedics, neurologic conditions, wound care, cardiac disease, pain syndrome, and stroke rehab
• Modern and spacious gym private treatment areas
• Occupational therapy kitchen
• Occupational therapy bathroom with shower
• Specialized therapy equipment and modalities including:
• Omnicycle
• Electrical stimulation
• Ultrasound
• Diathermy
• Outpatient therapy that allows you to continue your rehab progression after discharge with the same highly skilled therapists.


An Investment in Specialized Advanced Technology & Diagnostics

Patients in the Recover Right program experience the exceptional care we provide with the assistance of specialized advanced technology. Manchester Manor’s investment in innovative equipment and modalities support our efforts to help you rebuild, recover and renew to ensure a fast, safe and confident journey home.

Medline EKG Monitor – Accurately records, stores and shares cardiac rhythms for easy and quick diagnosis and care
Direct Supply Doppler Ultrasound – An important tool for clinicians, this is a non-invasive way to provide live audio of blood flow
Bladder Scanner – Accurately measures bladder capacity to avoid unnecessary procedures
PointRight – Supports quality improvements through predictive analytics, with emphasis on reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions and enhancing the quality of care for patients
PointClickCare Post–Acute Electronic Health Record – Software that allows Manchester Manor to maintain a single, consistent repository of patient information and conduct a central hub to manage financial, clinical and administrative functions
RTMS – Software that works in conjunction with our EHR to provide alerts in key clinical areas in real-time