Successful recovery from surgery is a major accomplishment. Not only is time in the hospital disruptive in the sense that it removes you from home and changes your ordinary routine dramatically, it also means your body is forced to adapt quickly to a new environment.

When healing is what matters most, post-hospital rehabilitation can be an outstanding option for you and your family. The team at Manchester Manor is skilled in this particular area, which is why the following suggestions aren’t just random ideas—they’re recommendations from our experts as you continue the healing process.

To successfully move past surgery and begin making plans to return home, here are some steps you can take to make the transition smoother than you ever thought possible.

Work with medical experts.

Whether you need orthopedic and joint care, pulmonary support, cardiac rehabilitation or other services, work with trained doctors and nurses who understand what you’ve experienced in surgery, and experts prepared to give you the necessary time and attention to get feeling better. General medical knowledge is helpful in many areas of life, but specific knowledge is crucial after surgery.

Identify successful programs.

Post-hospital rehabilitation is a serious personal commitment, meaning you owe it to yourself to work with an organization that has high patient-satisfaction ratings. You should also consider how quickly the program of your choice is able to successfully return patients home.

Consider amenities.

Cost is absolutely an important consideration when rebuilding after surgery, so be sure to shop around for organizations that provide outstanding care and prices that fit your budget. Identify a program that invests its resources into facilities and technologies directly benefiting patients—including rooms that make privacy a priority, air-filtration systems and first-rate dining. An extended stay will be far more pleasant in a place you enjoy spending time.

Whatever your post-hospital rehabilitation needs might be this year, we encourage you to contact our team at Manchester Manor to learn how we can make a future stay successful. Wellness is a partnership between people and their medical professionals, and we will ensure you are satisfied at each step of the recovery process.