For seniors recovering after surgery, the decision of where to stay during the healing process is a critical one. It’s important for patients to have confidence that the facility where they will spend time has qualified medical experts and a standard of living that encourages wellness in a supportive environment.

Our team recently published our annual “Quality by Design” booklet, which can help assist you in the process of selecting the best post-acute center for healing after surgery. If you have a medical procedure on the horizon or are simply seeking the best care and value for a loved one, we encourage you to read through this material for a better understanding of our facilites.

The first question you should ask while reading through this booklet is, “What medical qualifications do professionals at Arbors and its partners have?” You’ll find many answers to that question on page 12, where we’ve highlighted our workforce. For example, did you know our nursing staff levels exceed national and state averages by as much as 15 minutes? Or that nearly one in four staff members have been with us for more than a decade?

The second question you should ask is, “What level of success does this facility have with patients?” Ensuring a short-term care facility has measurable results is critical for your health and your family’s peace of mind. On pages 8-10, you’ll find your answers. Our 30-day readmission rate is well below the national average, and our patients have an extremely favorable view of the service they receive from our team, as survey data show. This information can give you confidence in your decision.

The third and final question you should initially ask is, “What kind of facilities and amenities will be available throughout the healing process?” The answers to those questions can be found on pages 4-7, where you’ll learn about the cutting-edge technology we use to promote healing and see photos of our best-in-class facilities. Our focus is patient comfort within a healthy and supportive environment.

We hope you enjoy reading through our “Quality by Design” booklet. If you are looking for a good nursing home with the right staffing, technology and metrics demonstrating outstanding patient care, look no further than Manchester Manor Health Care Center.